Phantom 4 Firmware

Phantom 4 Firmware

Imagine you spent thousands of your hard earned cash to buy drone that you cannot fly, and cannot return because your warranty has expired! That is exactly what happened to Steve who called us earlier this week. He bought a brand new DJI Phantom 4 from another retailer but unfortunately could not experience the capabilities of the drone. At Dronescend, we always go the extra mile to assist all drone pilots, regardless of whether your drone was purchased on our site or not. Firmware update issues are rare with the DJI products, however if they happen, it can sometimes become a nightmare to fix. DJI has recognised this issue with the Phantom 4, probably one of the reasons why production has been discontinued.

Having said all these, all hope is not lost; so before you bin your Phantom 4 which is an amazing drone when in the sky, read on and let us know if you are able to resolve the issue with a couple of our suggested resolutions below. If none of the suggested resolutions work for you, please reach out to us and for a small fee, we can arrange for you to send your drone to us for full diagnosis. 



Option 1

Download the DJI Assistant for Phantom

If not bundled with the above, also download the latest Joshua Wise's HoRNDIS Software

Once these softwares are installed, you connect your device and your update should be smooth sailing from here on.


Option 2

Watch this Youtube video by Howard's Tech Blog



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