Holy Stone Remote Control

Pair Holy Stone Controller With Drone

Holy Stone have made sure that a single remote controller is compatible with most of their drones. Follow these simple steps to unlock and pair a new controller with a new/existing drone:

  • Press the new drone’s power button to switch it on.
  • Turn on your remote control [hold the lock button and slide the on button to the right].
  • Open the WIFI setting on your phone and ensure to disconnect any previous Holy Stone drone.
  • Connect to the new drone in your WIFI settings.
  • Launch the Ophelia app and you should now see real time feed.
  • Do a compass / gyro calibration [turn it vertically three times and horizontally three times].
  • Once successful, the lights on the drone will turn solid [look out for the red and yellow lights].
  • Place the drone on a level surface, with its head facing forward.
  • Press the lock button to unlock the motors.
  • Press the one key take-off and start enjoying your flight.



  • Troy

    I found the drone Wi-Fi signal is good, but it says it is not connected (no connection) yes I have new batteries and drone is fully charged also tried using two different phones and it is still saying the same thing! Please let me know what I can do to fix this problem

  • Orlando

    Im trieing to connect another hs 720 e remote to my holystone hs 720 e but it wont connect!Becuase my remote broke so could you please help me out?

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