4DRC V4S Drone

4DRC V4S [Richie] Drone Set Up

4DRC V4S [Richie] drone is a popular quadcopter amongst beginners. Even some experienced pilots have tried their hands on this drone and believe it to be one of the best low budget drones under £100. It's not always the most straightforward thing to set up a drone, particularly the 4DRC V4S, especially if you are new to UAVs. Therefore, we have compiled a list of steps for you to follow to get your 4DRC V4S [Richie] up in the sky and start capturing some great shots. 

Set-Up Steps

  • Download the 4DRC Pro App via Apple Store and GooglePlay.
  • Make sure your battery is inserted correctly and turn on the drone. The lights on the drone will start flashing, meaning it is ready to be paired.
  • Please turn on the remote control and bind it with the drone by pushing the left joystick up and down. The lights on the drone should stop flashing, and you should now have a connection to the drone.
  • It would help if you did a horizontal calibration by holding the button in the lower right corner of the remote. As the name suggests, you must place your V4S drone and remote control horizontally to each other. You should hear a beep from the drone and now see the lights flashing.4DRC V4S Drone - Horizontal Calibration
  • It would help if you did a compass calibration by holding the button in the lower right corner of the remote. 
  • Follow the instructions as depicted in the image below.4DRC V4S Drone - Compass Calibration
  • Ensure you are in an open space to allow the drone to move without obstruction.
  • Press the one key take-off button in the right corner of the remote control.
  • Connect your phone Wi-Fi to the drone if you want a live feed to your device. Ensure that your phone has 802.11ac WiFi. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect.
  • Turn on the app and allow the 4DRC Pro App to connect to devices on your local network.
    4DRC Pro App - Connect to devices on your local network

It is always recommended to start with a cheap drone when learning to fly or if you want to enhance your flying skills. There are various versions of this foldable drone, which mainly differ by the quality of the camera. You can usually purchase the V4S drone with No camera, 720p, 1080p, 2K, or 4K HD. At Dronescend, we only sell the 4K HD Dual Camera version because we believe you should have the best quality available on the market.



What if the drone is not balanced during the flight?

Click on the Fine-tune button, and this will generally resolve the issue.

Does the V4S allow SD Card?

Unfortunately, this drone does not support SD Cards.

Is this a drone for beginners to buy? Yes, it is perfect for beginners and experienced pilots. It is still a budget drone, don't expect too much from this V4S.



  • Chris

    Cant get drone to calibrate and app is not letting me do anything, aany advice welcome

  • Cam

    The front camera is off by about 15 degrees, so when it’s level, the view on the camera makes it look like it’s on an angle. Useless for taking any pics or videos that I want to share.

  • Glen Owen

    Hi, having trouble replacing the blades. Where do the lettered blades go? Do the A blades go together? Etc

  • John

    How do you record video & take still pictures?

  • Lorne Sugrue

    Is there a video version of the set up as I am having trouble with the horizontal part of the set up when I try to fly the drone it wonders to the right constantly I am sure it’s in the set up any would be appreciated thanks New to drones

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