Wing’s 14-propeller, drone begun dropping boxes of Girl Scout cookies in Virginia.

Wing, Girl Scout Cookies and Drone Delivery

Wing, owned by the same parent company as Google (Alphabet) has been experimenting with drone delivery for some time. As the first drone delivery company to receive its air operator's certificate from the FAA in April 2019, today marks a significant moment in their milestone. A Girl Scout from Christiansburg, Virginia were able to deliver their cookies with a Wing drone. Wing is also known as Project Wing and is currently offering delivery trials to some local communities.

According to USA Today, Wing approached the Girl Scout to assist slumping delivery of their cookies using Wing's drone. The Virginian Scout had seen their sales suffer due to Covid-19 pandemic. Wing's Global Communication Lead, Lia Reich said "It was a natural fit to partner with the Girl Scouts to help out in this situation."

How Drone Delivery Will Work In The Future

You can find out more about how the Wing drone delivery works. In the mean time, if you happen to be in Virginia before the end of May 2021 and you crave some cookies, head over to Wing's website and place your order.

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