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Why You Should Finance Your Drone

Drones are a great commodity these days, especially if you are a videographer and love shooting aerial shots or taking aerial videos. However, drones are not a cheap commodity. They fall in the luxury category. Buying drones can be a hassle, and it may take several months of saving to get a good drone like the DJI Mini 2. Luckily, with the rapid demand for camera drones, the option of drone financing has surfaced lately.

What is drone financing?

Drone financing is a method of procuring your drone without paying a hefty drone price upfront. Dronescend has partnered with Klarna, a Swedish payment service provider, to facilitate our customers' no credit check drone financing. Klarna's Buy Now, Pay Later has made drone financing a reality. Drone financing allows you to consider procuring affordable equipment to Buy Now, Pay Later and Fly Instantly. Buying now and paying later makes purchasing or investing in drone technology relatively easy. You don't have to pay the hefty amount all at once; instead, you can go for monthly payments with the financing option. You must think that this instalment will lead to an interest and credit inquiry pathway. However, with Klarna's Buy Now, Pay Later scheme, you can finance your favourite DJI drone and enjoy using it without worrying about paying a significant amount immediately.

Why you should finance your next drone purchase

With financing becoming popular with time, why has it become necessary to finance your next camera drone?

Ease of Payment

The best part about this type of drone financing is the Interest-Free Credit. You read that right — 0% Interest Rate. You have to pay a certain amount each month without worrying about the added interest cost. Such flexible payment options typically result in a penalty-free and reduced financial stress situation. Buy Now, Pay Later makes financing stress free. 

No Credit Score Required

Typically, most loans require a credit check, which the lender can reject if your credit score is not good. A good credit score means that the user has a long credit history with prompt payment and no defaults. Unfortunately, such a perfect score is difficult for most people to attain. Therefore, Klarna's no credit check supports drone enthusiasts without considering their credit score. You can now gain access to financing without worrying about your credit score.

No Documentation Overload

You will have experienced all the required documentation beforehand if you've ever taken a loan. However, you will eventually ask yourself whether the process is even worth the hassle. The drone financing option does not require excessive documentation. Instead, follow the simple steps here to benefit from Klarna's Buy Now, Pay Later finance method. With a no-credit-check financing option and fewer document verifications, the overall process of drone financing becomes much swifter than the usual loan processes.

Affordable Instalments

The overall gist of the entire drone financing option is how affordable it makes things for an average customer who has a limit to monetary assets: no down payment, no interest on instalment. You have to add the drone to your shopping basket, choose Klarna at checkout, and get the drone off the ground. 

Low Risk of Obsolescence

Drones belong to that category of technological equipment that manufacturers tend to upgrade frequently. You may buy a newly launched drone now, use it for the next 6-8 months and then hear another drone model coming to market. New camera drones are coming to market frequently because the technology constantly evolves.

Smooth Spreading of Cost

UK Klarna's no credit check drone financing makes your money spending smoother than ever. Drones are pretty expensive, especially those with more functions. Hence, it is wise to spread the cost over a reasonable period. Buy Now, Pay Later makes even more sense to avoid constraints in cash flow that can lead you to struggle financially in other aspects of life. Drone financing consists of a deposit followed by monthly payments without interest. It allows you to spread the costs without restricting your capital up.

If you want to buy your next DJI drone with a guaranteed no credit check in the UK, choose Klarna as the payment method at the checkout section of our site. Buy Now, and Pay Later without any interest.

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