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Should You Buy the DJI FPV Drone?

We understand that determining the best drone for your needs can be a difficult endeavor. The drone market is currently packed with options including drones that can do many different things and meet the needs of many different people? Is the DJI FPV drone right for you? Let’s take a look at its performance.


What is meant by FPV? 

An essential component of this drone, FPV stands for first person view. FPV drones provide one of the most integrated flying experiences through the use of video goggles that allows the user to see what the drone sees as they guide it through the skies. FPV drones are favored by many people. In fact, most FPV drones are built at home by hobbyists. This DJI drone is one of the first quality efforts on the market for an FPV style drone.



One of the frustrating components of many drones is the difficulty in setting them up. Fortunately, DJI drones have a history of being user friendly. The DJI FPV is no different and is now a popular choice for drone racing. In fact, this drone can be set up quite quickly and easily after taking it out of the box. Simply charge the various components, install the app, update the firmware, and you are ready to launch your drone. This is a very easy process that means you’ll be able to use your drone quickly without any extensive tasks.



Flying this DJI drone is an immersive experience. This is made possible through the goggles that are worn when the drone is being flown. It allows you to see what the drone sees, which creates a fun, innovative flying experience. The controls are very easy to use which is another of the strong benefits of this FPV drone. If you are looking for an easy flying experience that provides a unique view, this is an excellent drone to choose. One thing to note is that since the person flying the drone will be wearing the goggles to get an FPV experience, it is important to have a buddy who can actually watch the drone. The DJI FPV also has the option to purchase a motion controller that allows the drone to be guided by hand movements, which is a fun accessory.


Battery Life

The battery life of the DJI FPV drone is twenty minutes. While this may not seem like an extensive time, it is actually much higher than comparable FPV drones. Furthermore, DJI offers a “Fly More Kit,” which provides users with a charging hub and two extra batteries. This means you can get up to 60 minutes of flying with battery changes before having to recharge your batteries. For those wanting to get the most out of their FPV drone, this is an excellent choice and very affordable for what you receive.



If you are looking for a camera drone, there are many other DJI options that you will probably want to look at. However, if you want an immersive experience like no other; the DJI FPV has been designed to provide drone enthusiasts with an FPV experience rather than feature of a typical drone. Thus, the camera is designed for shooting 4K video. You can also shoot images, but with this drone, the video is where you will get the best value for money. 4K video can be shot at 60 frames per second, which creates the feeling that the viewer is actually flying. Meanwhile, traditional video can be shot at 120 frames per second.



FPV drones are known for their speed and manoeuvrability, and DJI FPV drone is no different. With several flying modes to choose from, the drone can travel anywhere from 15 to 39 meters per second and a maximum speed of 140 kph [kilometres per hour]. Additionally, it has an impressive acceleration, going from 0 to 100 kph in only two seconds. This makes it an incredibly responsive drone that can be used for a wide variety of video footage, especially for those interested in drone racing. Users will quickly find that the DJI FPV is one of the most fun drones on the market.



The one thing that seems to concern most people is the price tag. At £1,249, this drone is more costly than other drones on the market. However, it is also the best performing FPV drone commercially available. Additionally, for those who may not quite be able to pull off the price tag, can spread out your payment using Klarna on Dronescend. With Klarna on Dronescend, you will have access to easy drone financing, allowing you to purchase this DJI FPV drone with easy payments or choose to pay later after delivery.



In summary, there are many excellent features of the DJI FPV drone including its operation, speed, setup, and battery life. It is a great drone for the sheer fun of it or for creating immersive 4K videos, especially for drone racing. The one aspect that is a bit difficult to navigate is price; however, with Klarna, the DJI FPV drone can easily be accessed by any drone enthusiast.

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