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Setting Up SG107 Drone

Bright SG107 is fantastic for beginners on a budget and experienced drone pilots that want to enhance their flying skills. You should not expect professional cinematic shots from this drone; it is designed to help you get a feel of how a drone works. Setting up this drone can sometimes be a challenge if you are a new drone pilot. We have compiled a list of steps to follow to simplify the set up of SG107 drone.

Set Up Steps

  • Download the ZL.toys app via Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Click here to view the full instructions of the HFUN Plus Manual.
  • Ensure that you update the app to have the latest firmware.
  • Power on the drone by holding the on/off button and you will now see a flashing light.
  • Turn on the remote controller by bringing down both of the phone holders. Ideally you want around 8 satellites to start flying, so it is best to be in an open outdoor space  to get the best signals.
  • Bind the controller to the drone by pushing the left throttle up and down.
  • Connect your phone WIFI to the drone and then turn on the app. Instead of WLAN that you see on the Interface image below, you should now see your drone's WIFI name. For example, you will see M8_4K98765g1234 next to the WIFI icon.

ZL.toys app Interface

ZL.toys App Interface 

  • Once you launch the app, you should calibrate the drone. Press “Start” on the app and you should now see the live FPV video on your phone.
  • You will probably see a message that says "Adapting to mobile phone performance". Once completed, there should be another message that says "Adapting finished" and you can now click Submit.
  • Click the automatic take off button and you are ready to enjoy your flight. You should also be able to take off manually by pushing both throttle sticks down and release. We recommend to always use a Landing Pad before take off.
  • If you have purchased the version with the optical flow, your drone will be stabilised and maintain its position in the air [subject to weather conditions].
NOTE: To control the drone through the app, it is always ideal that your phone has IEEE 802.11 WLAN.

SG107 Remote Control

SG107 Remote Control


    ZL.toys app Settings

    Settings Interface For the ZL.toys App


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