Royal Mail Launches Its Autonomous Drone

Royal Mail Launches Its Autonomous Drone From Mainland UK to Isles of Scilly

Royal Mail was established in 1516 and has been supporting the British economy with delivery of letters and parcels. For us at Dronescend, it comes as no surprise when Royal Mail announced that they are trialing delivery with drones.

In order for a delivery drone to be a thing of the future, it is important for it to be capable of withstanding tough weather conditions. Royal Mail's delivery drone is capable of flying in tough weather conditions and can travel up to 70 mile distance. The test drone will be sending Covid-19 test kits, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and mail items from UK mainland to the Scilly Isles.

According to Sky News, "The government-funded project is developed in partnership with DronePrep, Skyports, Consortiq Limited, the University of Southampton, Excalibur Healthcare Services and Windracers Limited."

We have seen International carriers such as UPS involvement with drone delivery. This is a new landmark for the UK as Royal Mail became the first courier service in the country to deliver a parcel for recipients via drone on the Isles of Scilly. Royal Mail will be reviewing this trial over the next few months through a consultation with residents on the island.

An employee of Royal Mail, Amy Richards from Isles of Scilly, said “it’s great to be involved in this initiative. There are some really remote areas on these islands, and this is a terrific way to help us reach them. It’s really important for us to do all we can to help all areas of the country stay connected – especially in these difficult times.”

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