SG906 MAX1 Drone With Obstacle Avoidance

Obstacle Avoidance on SG906 MAX 1

Although obstacle avoidance is a great way to fly safely, but it cannot be 100% relied upon during a drone flight. With the SG906 Max1, obstacle avoidance is more effective when you are flying forward slowly. If flying sideways or backwards, you could crash the drone if care is not taken. Its effectiveness is also heavily dependent on several conditions such as the weather. We advise that when it is incredibly windy, you ground your SG906 Max1 drone until the weather improves.

To ensure you have a safe flight with no issues to your drone, its important to follow the guide below:

  • Make sure you have calibrated the drone before flying. You should aim to fly when you have over 8 satellite signals.
  • Use the recommended application [Hfun or ZLL RC].
  • You can turn on stabilisation in settings.
  • Listen for a beep sound when the drone is flying [forward] towards an object.
  • Make sure that the SG906 Max1 drone hovers once you start flying.
  • If your drone impacts with another object, take extra precautions for the next flight.
  • Ensure to adhere to the drone laws.

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