Drone Impact Society

Drone Impact Society

People are going bananas over the idea of drones around the world. As the years pass, more and more people are getting comfortable with the use of this technology, leading to a rapid rise in sales. The emergence of the innovative device has lead Pwc (2018) to predict that drones will drive a “£16bn in net cost savings to the UK economy” by 2030. This is one of the reasons why many businesses are constantly in search of how to integrate drones into their practice.

DJI is the biggest drone manufacturer with over 70% of the market share. In this blog post, we bring you the ways in which DJI Drones are been used and the potential impacts it could have in our society.


Drones have a huge list of uses in military and defence. This can be either related to  drills or it can be major missions like Bomb detection or Surveillance for preventing major disasters. Drones could work effectively in finding unexploded bombs keeping people and property protected.


Drones can also be used actively for entertainment purpose i.e. media. Drones could be used actively by journalists to reach places which are considered dangerous to approach. Drones are also used in the film and photography industry to bring great cinematography to our screens.


Although the idea is not well formed yet and still at development phase, drones are being tested for easy deliveries. It is expected to change how we get our deliveries in the future. Imagine the future where order a drone from Dronescend, and one of our lovely drones will deliver it right to your doorstep. How cool is that? It will help in reducing carbon footprints as there will be massive reduction in the number of delivery vans and in effect the fuel used. The drones of the future will most likely be powered by natural energy such as solar.


Drones are already been used during emergency situations. There has been several cases where drones have delivered medical kits to patients. Emergency teams have used drones to locate people and plan the perfect way rescue them.


Whether it is about the geographical surveys of the location or anything related to aerial surveys for mapping, drones can be of great use to reach the remote locations and get the entire idea of detail for precise mapping.


Last but not least, the drones have also been introduced to the study of agriculture. This means that farmers could use drones to keep track of fields and ensure a great cultivation strategy for maximum yields.  

All in all, drones have proved to be a product of benefit to government agencies, media, as well as individuals. There are other industries, that are currently making use of drones and will continue to grow exponentially. For example,  Oil and Gas use drones to reach tough places, preventing the lives of engineers on site. Surely, you must have seen the BBC Show, "Our Planet". Drones such as DJI Inspire 2 are steadily been used in monitoring wildlife. Some of the other potential uses of drones could be related to Weather Forecasting, and Law Enforcement.

In other circumstances, you can simply get a drone yourself to capture shots on holiday, take selfies or better yet, drone race with a friend. Remember to fly safe.

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