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Difference Between Holy Stone HS720 and HS720E [HS105]

Holy Stone is still an underdog in quadcopters, especially when compared to DJI drones. The Holy Stone brand was launched in 2004 and gaining traction in the industry. Arguably, their most popular drone is the HS720. This is mainly because of the sleekness of the design, combined with the quality and price considered to be a cheap drone.

After the release of the HS720, Holy Stone upgraded the drone with the HS720E [also known as HS105]. A glance might give you the impression that there is no difference between the two drones, but this could be no further away from the truth. This article aims to debunk misconceptions by clearly identifying the key differences between the HS720 and HS720E drones.


The main differences between the Holy Stone HS720 and HS720E lie within the camera and battery life. HS720 has a 4K Ultra HD camera mounted on a shock absorption stabiliser. The battery life for this drone is without a doubt one of the best at 26 minutes flight time. The drone weighs 478 grams and has a size dimension of 36.6 x 33.5 x 6.1 cm when unfolded.

The Holy Stone HS720 is not equipped with a gimbal. The HD camera has a built-in shock absorber that helps you shoot 3840 x 2160 resolution images and videos [that minimises any distortion to your footage]. The camera can be controlled at a 90 degrees angle using the app or remote control provided by Holy Stone.

HS720 Drone With Remote Control and Carry Case
Holy Stone HS720 Drone

The HS720E still maintains a similarly sleek design and features from its predecessor. The drone has a slightly smaller dimension of 33.7 x 24.0 x 5.8 cm when unfolded. Equipped with a 4K Ultra HD camera and EIS (Electric Image Stabilisation), the HS720E drone comes with an anti-shake camera that uses SONY Sensor. The EIS technology reduces blurring from the predecessor drone and improves the video quality. Sony Sensor is equipped with advanced image-capture technologies for superior image quality compared with other sensors. The brushless motors have been upgraded with the HS720E, so the drone uses more power. HS720E weighs 495 grams [17g more than HS720] which explains the 23 minutes flight time. Sacrificing 3 minutes for better quality footage will not be an issue for most drone pilots. It is still enough time to learn how to fly and capture high-quality footage. Moreover, the HS720E comes with two [2] batteries that give you 46 minutes of flight time.

There is a wind velocity system built into the HS720E drone. This will alert you of the speed of the wind, battery and altitude when flying outdoor.

The Holy Stone HS720E has a 3-axis gimbal that helps you shoot 3840 x 2160 resolution images and videos [that minimises any distortion to your footage].

HS720E Drone With Remote Control, Batteries and Carry Case

Holy Stone HS720E Drone


There are other similarities between HS720 and HS720E.

  • Both drones come with a range of features such as Follow Me, Return To Home, Waypoint and more.
  • Remote control range of up to 1000 metres with a maximum drone transmission of 500 meters.
  • Videos are transmitted in real-time to your smartphone using a 5GHz frequency signal.
  • HS720 and HS720E are reasonably priced for beginners and can be purchased from Dronescend. If you are still indecisive on which of the two drones to go for, we recommend buying the HS720E because it offers a better value. We provide the opportunity to split your payments using Klarna [buy now, pay later], free UK delivery and 60 days return policy.

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  • Thomas Joe Stalling

    Great little drones, I own both, not a huge difference between them, for the money you can’t go wrong.

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