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Eachine EX5

When you think of drones with camera, DJI is probably the first that springs to mind. You can be forgiven for that; after-all they indeed do have the best drones in the industry. If price is not a factor, then indeed a DJI drone might be the best option for you; coming at a higher price than the other brands on the market.

When you are new to flying drones, it is best to explore and practice with cheap drones. A key reason for opting for a cheaper drone is because of the likelihood to crash the drone as an inexperienced pilot. A new drone that will allow you to practice without the high investment is the Eachine EX5.

Eachine launched this amazing sleek drone called the EX5 with 30 minutes flight time. Weighing 229g, it is small in size and easy to carry. Although it does not come with a 3-axis gimbal for taking distortion-free footage, the 4K HD Camera allows you to still capture amazing shots.

The GPS positioning provides an accurate flight with the ability to take pictures/video in real-time transmission. Eachine EX5 has a "Follow Me" feature that can track a person on the move. With up to 1km video transmission, get ready to take your drone the distance. This is a perfect drone to use for enhancing your piloting skills, especially if you are new to flying drones. Without a doubt, this is one of the best cheap drones on the market.

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