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DJI Mini 2 - What's New?

With the recent release of the Osmo Pocket 2, we have been expecting DJI to release something new for the Mavic Series. They "surprised" us by releasing the new Mini 2. Before you run off to throw out your Mavic Mini, you should sit tight and read this article.

Before purchasing a drone, it's always a good idea to understand what you are getting for your money. With all the goodies from the previous Mavic Mini, new features have been added to the Mini 2. One of the biggest change is that you can now shoot videos in 4K. This is a feature that many drone pilots really wanted from the Mavic Mini but was missing. If you purchase the Fly More Combo, first thing you will notice when you unbox is the new carrying case which is very similar to the one from Mavic Air 2. The remote control from the Mavic Air 2 has also been adopted for the Mavic Mini; this is for the standard and fly more combo.  

Shoot 4K Footage on DJI Mini 2 Remote Control


DJI Mini 2 vs Mavic Mini

So what's New With Mavic 2? Rather than Wi-Fi in the previous version, the new OcuSync 2.0 in Mini 2 allows you to fly faster, further and higher. It is much easier to get the batteries out of the charger now than in the previous version. Aside of these two differentiators between DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Mini, there are a few other things worth considering.

  DJI Mini 2 DJI Mavic Mini
Video 4K/30fps 2.7K/30fps
Zoom 4x Zoom Not supported
Photo format JPEG, RAW JPEG
Max Flight Speed 16 m/s 13 m/s
Wind Resistance Level 5 Level 4
Transmission OcuSync 2.0 Wi-Fi
Transmission Range 10 km (FCC) 4 km (FCC)
Quickshots Dronie, Circle, Helix, Rocket and Boomerang Dronie, Circle, Helix and Rocket
Hyperlapse 4K N/A
Panorama Sphere, 180°and Wide-Angle N/A
Editing Enhanced Photo N/A
Downloading QuickTransfer, Trimmed Download N/A
  • JPEG+RAW Footage simultaneously. Professional content creators can now get more out of their post-production.
  • Change in the transmission protocol means you now have 2.0 OcuSync giving you an improved signal when flying.
  • Increase in flight speed makes the drone even more resistant to wind.
  • Added Zoom modes will allow you to choose between 1080, 2K or 4K, providing you with lossless images. Mini 2 now supports up to x4 digital zoom.
  • USB-C for all devices [drone, remote and charger].
  • New Remote Controller - similar to that of the Mavic Air 2.
  • Improved battery power to 31 minutes.
  • New photo modes include 360 sphere panorama.
  • New Boomerang Quickshot for video mode.
  • New drone strap [propeller holder] to make it easier to transport (only included in the Fly More Combo).


Should you buy the Mini 2 drone?

Well, it depends on your situation! If you already have the Mavic Mini, then you probably want to upgrade to something like the Mavic 2 Pro with 20MP. Bearing in mind that the Mini 2 still does not have Active Track, nor does it have the obstacle avoidance. However, if you are new to drone, this is a perfect one to get flying. DJI Mavic Mini 2 is a recommended option for all content creators to capture moments for vlogging on YouTube or other channels. Content is king in an internet age where you are constantly competing for your viewer's attention, so you want to ensure that your shots are crisp and of great quality.

If you want to fly the Mini 2 for commercial purposes, you need to take the PfCO CAA exam (Permission for Commercial Operations). Get yourself familiar with UK drone laws and review the Drone Code before you fly.

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