Bitcoins ratio to altcoins (seen in the trading chart behind)

What Bitcoin and Drones Have In Common

We know what you are thinking. What does cryptocurrency or Bitcoin have to do with drones? To understand the concept of cryptocurrency, you need to understand the technology behind it which is known as Blockchain. Simply put, Blockchain is a decentralised database that encrypts information, with the aim of transparency and creating trust through a distributed ledger. In the case of Bitcoin, the database exists across many people's computers. The cryptocurrency uses Blockchain technology to ensure that no one person or group have control over the database.

Now that you understand how Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos work, we are happy to share that it will soon become easier to pay for goods and services online with your coins. In case you missed it, Tesla [EV manufacturer] will start allowing customers to purchase their cars with Bitcoin.

At Dronescend, we consider ourselves to be an organisation that quickly adapt to change. Since we launched in 2018, we have been accepting multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Klarna, etc. Our payment partners are also at the fore front of innovation. It is with great pleasure that we share that PayPal will start allowing users to pay with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. With the support of Coinbase Commerce, you can now shop drones for sale and "pay with crypto" on Dronescend. Welcome to the new age for democratisation of finance.

P.S. This is not an April Fools article!

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