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Best Drones Under £500

DJI Mavic Mini

Most countries require you to get a license when you are flying a drone that weighs over 250g. Weighing just 249g, Mavic Mini is a palm-sized drone from DJI with 30 minutes flight time. DJI Mavic Mini features a 3-axis gimbal, a 2.7K camera and can transmit HD video from up to 2.5 miles away. The size of this mini drone makes it a perfect candidate for capturing amazing shots on your adventures. Mavic Mini drone  can be used by new and experienced drone pilots for photography or pleasure. It can be flown indoor and outdoor! The standard package has 1 battery, remote control and other accessories to get you in the air. The Fly More Combo comes with 3 batteries and additional parts that will keep you flying and recording for longer. DJI offers what could be considered as a drone insurance through the Care Refresh Card which  covers your drone for accidental damage by water or collision; letting you fly with peace of mind.

DJI Mavic Mini is popular for many reasons:

  • 30 minutes flight time with the Intelligent battery.
  • 249g ultralight weight makes it easy to fly for new pilots.
  • 4km HD video transmission.
  • Vision sensor and GPS precise hover.
  • 3-axis gimbal, giving you a stabilised shot for your footage.
  • 12 megapixel that allows you to capture amazing aerial photos.
  • 2.7K camera which makes it perfect for capturing cinematic videos.
  • Simplified recording and editing via the DJI Fly App.

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Holy Stone HS720

Holy Stone HS720 is a game changer for the drone industry because it is equipped with Multi Sensors which guarantees hovering with great stability. HS720 is a GPS drone with 4K ultra HD camera and many features including 26 minutes flight time.  

Holy Stone HS720 has multiple features:

  • 26 minutes flight time with one battery.
  • Brushless motor, giving it a smooth flight for the drone pilot.
  • GPS and Optical Flow mode, making hovering possible and stable to fly. The drone can return to home with one click of a button.
  • 4K camera with 90 degrees adjustable lens through the remote control or app.
  • 2.4GHz remote control frequency that allows up to 800 meters from the drone.
  • The drone is designed with ultra-high precision steel materials, giving it a sleek look.
  • With the follow me function, the HS720 drone can easily follow you on the move.

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Eachine E520S

Eachine E520S is a foldable drone, small in size and easy to transport on your adventures. The GPS positioning provides an accurate flight with the ability to take pictures/video in real-time transmission. Eachine E520S has a "Follow Me" feature that can follow the an object or the drone pilot the move. There is also a "Waypoint" feature that allows you to draw a route on the screen and the drone will follow the path. The amazing Eachine E520S also has a 6-axis gyro which allows a more stable flight with easy to control. 

Eachine E520S has many features:

  • 16 minutes flight time, giving you enough time to get up to speed.
  • 4K camera for capturing amazing footage.
  • Weighs just 280g, making it easy to fly; even for beginners.
  • 120° Wide Angle Field of View [FOV].

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ZLRC Beast SG906 Pro

ZLRC Beast SG906 Pro is a 4K camera drone with 25 minutes flight time; an upgrade from the previous version of SG906 drone. ZLRC Beast SG906 Pro is fantastic for beginners and experienced drone pilots that want to enhance their flying skills.

ZLRC Beast SG906 Pro has gained recognition in the drone community for its many features:

  • 2-axis gimbal, providing you with clear still images and a longer flight time with the 25 minutes battery. GPS signal allows Return Home with just a click.
  • Capture photos using hand gestures within 1-3m of the drone.
  • Set a flight path and let the drone automatically follow the route.
  • Easily share your footage with friends and family via the app.
  • SG906 Pro has a slot for SD port, allowing you to save your footage on a Micro SD card.
  • Brushless motor, meaning it operates without the mechanical brushes. This makes it a drone more powerful with lower noise than the first SG906 drone.

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Eachine EX5

Eachine EX5 is a powerful drone with 4K HD Camera and 30 minutes flight time. Weighing 229g, it is small in size and easy to carry. The GPS positioning provides an accurate flight with the ability to take pictures/video in real-time transmission. Eachine EX5 has a "Follow Me" feature that can track a person on the move. With up to 1km video transmission, get ready to take your drone the distance. This is a perfect drone to use for enhancing your piloting skills, especially if you are new to flying drones.

Eachine EX5 is new to the drone market but has already made its mark in the industry with its features: 

  • 30 minutes flight time, giving you plenty time to manoeuvre the sky.
  • 4K HD Camera (3840 x 2160 resolution)
  • GPS and optical flow positioning
  • 1km video transmission
  • Follow me function and the ability to return the drone back to its initial take-off location.
  • Quickly capture images with simple hand gestures and ability to set a waypoint for the drone.
  • 50x zoom, allowing you to capture a closer view of objects far away from you.
  • Brushless motors giving it a strong resistance against the wind.
  • MV Filter to edit your own shots through the app and quickly share with friends and family.

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Osmo Pocket

This is not a drone but has made the list because it is a recommended tool for every photographer. This is the best tool for capturing moments worth keeping! As the smallest 3-axis stabilised handheld camera DJI has ever designed, the compact and intelligent Osmo Pocket turns any moment into a cinematic memory. Below are some of the reasons why this amazing handheld gimbal camera is perfect choice for content curators:

  • 140 minutes battery life, you can quickly share your shots on the Osmo Pocket.
  • The amazing 12 megapixels camera captures amazing photos and up to 4K 60fps videos at 100 Mbps.
  • 3-axis mechanical gimbal means that Osmo Pocket accurately adjusts camera movements in real time, eliminating shaky footage.
  • Sleek features such as ActiveTrack, Motion-lapse and Panorama.
  • A feature that is unusual with most drone is the ability to record sound without an external hardware. The Osmo Pocket has a built-in microphone to record sounds.
  • Osmo Pocket automatically detects and illuminates low-lit environments, giving you an enhanced photo.

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