SG906 MAX Drone with Remote Control

Beast SG906 MAX

As drones continue to gain recognition and become a norm in our society, there is still a misconception of how far you need to reach into your pocket before acquiring what many still consider to be a toy. It's a tool; not a toy! At Dronescend, our goal is to make drones affordable for individual, so you do not have to break the bank to own one.

There are multiple well recognised drone manufacturers, but DJI is at the forefront of this with 77% of the US drone market share. Hobbyists, photographers and filmmakers adore DJI because of their easy to fly drones. However, there are other drone manufacturers that also provide the ability to easily capture shots. One drone that has gained immense recognition in the last three years is the Beast SG906 series. With an upgrade in 2021, the SG906 MAX version is one of the best drones with camera for beginners!

SG906 and SG906 MAX Comparison

SG906 MAX has 26 minutes flight time with a remote control range of 800m and here are a few reasons why this improved version is a better value for money:

  • SG906 MAX has a slot for SD port, allowing you to now save your footage on a Micro SD card (maximum is 32gb).
  • Brushless motor, meaning it operates without the mechanical brushes, making it a drone is more powerful. This also means the SG906 MAX has a lower noise than the first SG906 drone.
  • 3-axis gimbal, providing you with clear still images and a longer flight time with the 26 minutes battery.
  • WIFI 4K Camera; making it quite a stable drone to fly.

NOTE: Flight time of any drone is dependent on external factors such as the wind condition.


Is this SG906 MAX drone for me?

This amazing drone is for new pilots and those that want to improve their flying experience. With its 4K HD camera, you can capture amazing footage that can be used professionally.


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