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Gimbal Motor Overloaded Error Message

The drone industry has advanced heavily over the years. DJI, the most popular drone manufacturer has dominated the industry with around 70% of the market share. One of the benefits of having a drone like DJI Mini 2 is that firmware updates are released directly to your device and you can download them without much efforts. These drone updates keep your device secure and free from malfunctions. Although software releases are constant, there are still hardware issues that can arise when flying. One of such issues is the "Gimbal Motor Overload" error message that is caused as a result of the hardware.



Receiving an error message can be quite frustrating, especially if you are unable to get your drone up in the air. This "Gimbal Motor Overload" message is usually followed by a shaky gimbal that becomes unstable. Once you see this message, it might become impossible to move your camera around (at least until the issue is fixed). Before you start to panic, your drone is not damaged and it has not been hacked! As a matter of fact, it's a very simple fix for DJI Drones.

Drone pilots can experience this error message if they:

  • have not calibrated their gimbal (especially during the first flight)
  • try to take off on an uneven / dusty surface.
  • land the drone too harshly or not using a landing pad
  • have previously crashed the drone



Gimbal errors can also be caused by the environment where you are flying the drone. The good news is that a well designed gimbal will usually regain full functionality once the issue is resolved. If you have received a "Gimbal Motor Overload" error message for your DJI drone, the simplest solution is to follow these three steps:

  • Recalibrate the gimbal before flying. Ensure to follow the instructions that you see on the screen by placing the aircraft on a level surface and keeping it stationary. You must see "calibration successful" before you continue.
  • Look around your gimbal to check for any dust or particles. You can use a straw to gently blow out any dirt around the gimbal.
  • You need to ensure that you take-off on a flat surface and use a landing pad.

If the problem persists, please visit the DJI Repair Services for the next steps. You might be eligible for a free repair if your drone is still under warranty. One of the benefits of buying a DJI Drone from us is that it comes with One Year Manufacturer's Warranty. 


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