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Bind DJI Refresh Card

Think of DJI Refresh Card as a drone insurance that protects your purchase from accidental damage. The latest drone from DJI, Mavic Mini has its own Care Refresh Card which provides two replacement drones in a year if yours is accidentally damage by water or collision; letting you fly with peace of mind.

    DJI Care Refresh can be bound to a previously purchased DJI aircraft when it meets one of the following criteria:

    • Brand new and un-activated aircraft;

    • Aircraft activated within the last 48 hours;
    • Repaired in an official DJI Service Center (within 72 hours of receiving email invitation).

    DJI Care Refresh and the corresponding product must be purchased from the same country or region since the benefits provided by DJI Care Refresh are only eligible in the region where it was purchased.

    Each time you request a replacement, you’ll receive a replacement unit that is new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.

    If you have already purchased a DJI Care Refresh activation card or have an activation code, click here to bind it to your drone. If you still have not purchased a care refresh card, you can Buy DJI Mavic Mini Care Refresh Card from Dronescend today.


    Can I Activate DJI Care Refresh after 48 hours?

    Yes. Binding your DJI Refresh Card to your drone is a fairly simple process; even after 48 hours of activation. Normally, when you activate your DJI drone, you must bind your refresh card within this timeframe. We always recommend binding your drone immediately after purchase to avoid the hassle of uploading video.

    All hope is not lost if you missed the 48 hours window! You can upload a video of your drone to DJI for verification after 48hours. To get started, follow the instructions below:

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