World's first pilotless supersonic combat drone

World's First Supersonic Combat Drone

When you hear of supersonic, a few things can come to mind; Concorde Airline, Sonic The Hedgehog or Boom Supersonic Airline. Unfortunately, this article has nothing to do with either of those. 

A Singapore-based company, Kelley Aerospace recently announced that they have developed the world's first supersonic Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV). Just when you think you've mastered all the drone acronyms such as UAV, something new comes along to throw you off. With no surprise, the new UCAV, called Arrow can fly at twice the speed of sound. The Arrow UCAV is lightweight and can fly more than 2980 miles with take-off weight of 16,800kg.

Although specifically developed for combat air missions, Arrow can also be deployed for surveilling, reconnaissance tasks and more. Kelley Aerospace claimed to have received more than 100 pre-orders of the new supersonic combat drones, despite the price tag of between £6.5 to £11.5 million. Whether you have some cool millions lying around not, you have to admit that the supersonic combat drone looks very cool.


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