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Do You Need ND Filters?

Drone Filters - Most drones today features a powerful 4K camera with stunning pictures and videos. However, a major issue is the sensitivity and signal gain of the camera's sensor [ISO], which in turn affects the quality of your shots. This is the reason why you hear all the buzz around using drone filters. Similar to traditional photography, Neutral Density [ND] Filters can help to capture amazing shots in difficult lighting conditions. Neutral Density filter like the PolarPro Cinema Series for Mavic Air 2 will reduce the amount of light that reaches the sensor; subdue reflections and improve the quality of your footage. at a lower shutter speed. So to summarise, think of drone filters as sunglasses for your drones.



PolarPro is "a group of adventure-seeking photographers and videographers in search of capturing perfection." They have a passion to travel and capture quality images, so they have developed products fueling that very obsession. Their motto is "what we thought was perfect today, could always be improved tomorrow."

Drone filters will usually come with a rating which indicates how much light it will bounce off. PolarPro ratings range from ND4 to ND64. When there is low light, ND4 is the drone filters of choice as it bounces off 2 stops of light. Whereas on a very bright and sunny day, ND32 or ND64 might be required. To really know which drone filters to use, you will need to understand exposure, which we will not delve into in this article [that's a huge topic on its own].


Difference between the Vivid and Shutter Collections

PolarPro Vivid Collection – includes Neutral Density [ND] and Polarizer [PL] hybrid filters. These ND filters will reduce your shutter speed to provide cinematic shots, and the PLs aspect will also reduce glare and increase colour saturation. These drones filters are a go to choice for most pilots who do not want to do much editing after their shots. At the time of writing, 6-Pack Cinema Series for DJI Mavic 2 is the best selling choice for drone pilots.

PolarPro Shutter Collection – includes straight Neutral Density [ND] filters. These ND filters will reduce your shutter speed to provide cinematic shots without altering the colour profile. They will give your shots a more natural colour profile.


Difference between the Standard and Cinema Series

There are several options when choosing PolarPro drone filters for DJI, however we will discuss just two of those which are for the Mavic Air.

Standard Series - makes use of PolarPro’s standard HD glass for great optical clarity and value.

Cinema Series - It has 8-layers of Anti-reflective [AR] and Anti-scratch [AS] coatings on each side which reduces flaring and ghosting.


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